Pearson PTE Exam Guide for Students

Buy PTE Exams Online In UK

Buy PTE Exams Online In UK. International students who want to study in the UK must take an English language test and meet the minimum entry requirements for UK study. The test is taken to show that the candidate has the suitable reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities in the English language required for living and studying in the UK. An English language test is also required for a UK student visa. Buy Real Drivers License Online With Guarantee

If you want to prove your English ability before applying to study in the UK, the Pearson PTE exam might be just what you are looking for. Buy PTE Exams Online In UK

The Pearson PTE Academic is an internationally accepted English language test for visas, university entry, scholarship applications and migration. Students typically receive results within 48 hours, the test lasts for just two hours and frequent test dates can be booked at the last minute for your convenience. Best Online Dispensary In Australia

Learn more about the Pearson PTE below and if you have any questions, contact SI-UK London today for a free consultation. Buy THC Edibles Online In Australia

pearson pte test

Reasons to Choose Pearson

  • The Pearson Test is accepted by 99% of UK universities
  • Results within 48 hours
  • 2-hour exam duration
  • Multiple exam centres available across many countries
  • ‘International’ English is tested, not just British or American
  • PTE mock test for maximum confidence on test day
  • Schedule tests up to 24 hours in advance
  • Send your scores as often as you like, for free

How is Pearson Scored?

When you complete your test, you will receive a report to help you understand your score, your skill level, and where you can improve. Each test has 20 question types and each one is graded differently. THC Vape Pens For Sale In Australia

Typically, you will need to achieve the following minimum scores depending on what study level you wish to pursue.

  • Foundation: 36–50
  • Undergraduate: 51–60
  • Postgraduate: 57–67

Pearson Test Tips


  • Ensure you use correct punctuation for writing tasks: full stops, capital letters, commas, etc
  • Ensure each answer you supply is relevant to the question
  • Keep within the word limit for writing tasks
  • Respond quickly to speaking tasks – the microphone will close after 3 seconds of silence and stop recording!


  • Write in capital letters – only use capitals when needed for punctuation and grammar
  • Click Next before you have completed the previous task and are ready to proceed

Types of Pearson Test

– PTE Academic

The PTE Academic is an entirely computer based exam of approximately two hours. It assesses reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities in the English Language with the help of 20 different types of tasks in a real life setting. Best Online Dispensary In UK And Europe

Suitable for those interested in studying undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK, it can be booked at short notice online at one of 250+ global test centres. Students are given an overall score and a section specific score between 10 to 90 points. Buy CMA Exam Online In UK

– PTE SELT Tests for UK Visas and Immigration

The PTE SELT Tests for UK Visas and Immigration is a test approved by the UK Visas and Immigration Office for all UK visas.

– Pearson Versant English Test

The Pearson Versant English Test is an automated AI-based language test delivered in 100+ countries with a 24×7 availability and can be taken anytime without a prior appointment. Buy NCLEX Exams Online In Europe

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